Jamie Begin schools Brad and Mike up on The Cloud and Amazon Web Services.



Jamie Begin is the President and Founder of RightBrain Networks, one of only 6 Amazon Web Services - Managed Service Providers.

Don't worry, all of that is explained in this episode where Jamie drops the knowledge on cloud based scalable software on AWS.

Brad says, "Haptic HighFives"

In this episode, we got way down the geek rabbit hole and need Brad to bring us back up to the surface a few times.

I built the company I wanted to work for.

Join us and Jamie, watch/listen to this episode of Stream Detroit.

To learn more about Jamie Begin and his work, visit RightBrain.

Show Notes


  • (01:51) “What does Cloud mean?”
  • (05:58) “What happend to all the old hardware?”
  • (08:37) “Amazon is releasing something like 200 features per year.”
  • (10:30) “How did RightBrain bootstrap itself?”
  • (13:28) “I built the company I wanted to work at.”
  • (17:35) “Agile DevOps”
  • (24:49) “Some kind of #haptichighfive comment”
  • (15:35) “I don’t necessarily think its going to be the technology that’s the hurdle (to self-driving cars), it’s going to be Washington, DC.”
  • (33:30) “Taking the same talent that may have been building cars a generation ago and building the infrastructure that large websites run on.”
  • (37:00) “Is NoSQL acceptable in the Enterprise now.”
  • (39:38) “Jamie explains how Amazon's core competency is offered as a systems service.”


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