Alisyn Malek talks about the intersection of Art, Business and Technology



Alisyn Malek is currently an investment manager with GM Ventures, as well as the Owner of Corktown Studios, an art gallery and collective, in North Corktown, Detroit. As an investment manager, she performs due diligence for potential investment in automotive related technology start-ups, and participates in the board leadership of those groups in which GM Ventures invests.

As a Crain's 20 under 20 Alisyn is looking out for the next best thing in automotive technology. As one of four investment managers for the investment capital arm of General Motors Co., it’s her job to hunt down and vet deals.

“The fun part about it is that I have the opportunity to problem solve every day.”

As a Materiality expert, fiber artist, and globe traveler at Corktown Studios, Alisyn is a true Rennaissance Woman. She talks about studying the intersection of Art, Business and Technology as the Engineer/Artist/Business Woman.

“I always ask people: Please don't bring your computer with you. ”

A polymath (Greek: πολυμαθής, polymathēs, "having learned much") is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas; such a person is known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems. The term was first used in the seventeenth century; the related term, polyhistor, is an ancient term with similar meaning. --If you believe Wikipedia.

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To learn more about Alisyn and her work, visit Corktown Studios.

Show Notes


  • (00:37) “I look at lots of new technologies that we can put on cars”
  • (01:30) “Link up the tech start ups in Michigan with design startups to help move the whole startup community forward”
  • (02:08) “I grew up on 10 acres kind of outside of town”
  • (02:33) “My dad had a lot of wood working tools and he worked as a sound engineer...we always had access to equipment...and access to building things.”
  • (03:45) “ The way that I process information is definitely informed by my creativity.”
  • (4:10) “You have a stick and you have grass...figure it out. (Build a fort)”
  • (7:45) “What's wrong with nuts and berries."
  • (7:49) “I'll stay in engineering and learn more about structure so that in the future I can work with architects that actually understands how to make stuff stand up. Just because you can draw it, doens't mean you can build it.”
  • (8:24)“I liked working at that intersection where you understand of how and why it works. People that translate in between is not very common.”
  • (11:15)“Learning to shut off the parts of your brain that say no...”
  • (12:50)“Working in ventures and business is all about having a big ideas and making it happen. Having a vision and getting there.”