Liz Boone talks about Detroit, Advertising and Midtown.



Liz Boone is EVP, Chief Marketing Officer at Doner. She is responsible for guiding the agency's new and existing growth agenda as well as defining and articulating the agency's positioning and capabilities especially in the area of digital, social and content marketing. As a Detroit Entreprenuer Liz is co-owner of Nora Modern as well.

Liz is all about business as an agency exec, but also walks the walk as an entreprenuer in Detroit. This is real talk from someone working in the trenches too.

“There was a recent San Francisco Examiner article that asked, is Detroit the new San Francisco?”

In this episode, Mike and special guest-host Brad Fox, talk to Liz about Midtown Detroit, the new restaurant scene in Midtown, Corktown and Downtown, along with how startups should interact with agencies, the agency world and how Detroit did all this hip stuff before anyone else even knew what hip was.

“Good ideas will always get attention."

Catch up on all the new stuff going on in Detroit with Liz Boone who seems to really have a pulse on what is happening.

Join us and Liz, watch/listen to this episode of Stream Detroit.

To learn more about Liz Boone and her work, visit their website at Doner.

Show Notes


  • (0:43) A lot of people ask, ‘why does a marketing agency need a marketing officer. Aren’t you all in marketing’? It’s kind of like the story of the cobblers children having so shoes. You need to have somebody in charge to tell the story of the agency.”
  • (02:00) “...midtown is becoming the design district (of Detroit)...”
  • (09:10) “People are just yearning for a sense of community in an urban center re: Detroit’s turnaround.....'Detroit has been going down hill for 40 years.' But there is an authenticity and there’s a lack of pretense (in Detroit).”
  • (10:35) “People want this to happen and finally it’s happening.”
  • (13:40) “ ... emerging from bankruptcy is the final nail coming OUT of the coffin for the city of Detroit...”
  • (15:13) “ Doner, we are an agency of makers.”
  • (15:40) “There was a recent San Francisco Examiner article that asked, is Detroit the new San Francisco?"
  • (16:10) “We’re (Detroit) the original Silicon Valley! How about that?”
  • (20:09)“Mike: How does/should a company pitch you? Liz: “Because of the start-up mindset, there is something new every day. ‘We’ve got this new fangled thing’. It’s getting experience. Knowing that it’s viable. It’s getting a proof of concept. It’s having financial backing.”
  • (20:55)“Often times brands won’t take a chance on true start-ups unless it’s a brand that their platform is all about innovation and being first.”
  • (23:09)“Good ideas will always get attention.”
  • (24:26)“Mike: could you snap a lot of cash into my wallet?”
  • (25:10)“Social (media) is a pay-to-play game now”
  • (28:30)“(Branded content) is not just about ‘sell, sell, sell’ it about tell and share and collaborate.”
  • (28:30)“I dare say we are heading into a post-marketing era. Consumers are so savvy and (they) can see right through (marketing) it.”
  • (34:43)“(Doner) is all about ‘ideas that move people’. (Doner) is going to drive business results for you.”