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Do you ever dream about captivating an audience? Standing in front of people and speaking is no easy feat. Public speaking is an artform that is tried by many but only mastered by few. But delivering a presentation like Steve Jobs or a TED Talk speaker isn’t unattainable, but it does take knowing and practicing a number of techniques.

We dive right into presentation tips from Natalia Petraszczuk, cofounder of, a goal-setting platform that helps people achieve success with the power of visualization.

If you ever get the opportunity to witness Natalia deliver a presentation then you’ll see why we chose her to teach us a few things about public speaking.

She was gracious enough to share some of the techniques that have helped her dominate while in the spotlight. She begins by recommending this TEDx Talk with Simon Sinek before continuing to give more great advice:

  1. Start with why. State the purpose before you talk about the “what?” or “how?”.
  2. Outline your talking points in order.
  3. Repetition is key, practice repeatedly.
  4. Authenticity is important, don’t be a robot — be comfortable and be yourself.
  5. Record yourself while you practice and then ask yourself, “Does this speak to me?”
  6. Give your presentation a tagline that you begin and end with.
  7. Visualize and indulge, picture yourself captivating an audience. Feel what accomplishing that would feel like and live in that moment.
  8. Less is more.

That’s not all, so watch/listen and hear Natalia & Sean expand on the key points we’ve outlined above and more. If there’s any tips that you folks would like to add then feel free to mention it in the comments below!

To learn more about Natalia Petraszczuk and her company, check out her website,

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