Valentine Distilling's Rifino Valentine talk about the craft of making great distilled spirits.



Valentine Distilling produces some of the finest spirits in all of the world, right here in Detroit. When we say the world, it's not hyperbole. Valentine has won many international awards, beating out the big names that you've come to think of as synonymous with quality.

Blending (see what I did there) craftsmanship with good solid business sense and experience, Rifino Valentine is building one of the best companies that makes something. Not just in Metro Detroit, but the world.

“Let’s do this in Detroit.”

In this episode, Mike and Brad go on location to see that operation and taste some of the product. Somebody has to do it.

“It doesn’t have to be a digital startup. ”

It's a great story and one that we can all be proud of here in Detroit. People are making things here.

Join us and Rifino Valentine, watch/listen to this episode of Stream Detroit.

To learn more about Valentine and the spirits, visit their website at Valentine Distilling.

Show Notes


  • (0:44) ““It was an idea about 12 or 13 years ago.””
  • (01:44) “We used to make the best stuff in the world, bar none in this country.”
  • (02:55) “Let’s do this in Detroit.”
  • (03:33) “It doesn’t have to be a digital startup.”
  • (06:49) “The best vodka in the WORLD!.”
  • (09:59) “Can we taste something?”
  • (11:29) [Drinks and reactions]
  • (14:15) "This is a brown spirit."
  • (09:59) [Drinks and reactions]
  • (09:59) "We start with our traditional Liberator Gin."
  • (15:54) [Drinks and reactions]
  • (17:00) "Where can we get this?"
  • (18:09) ""
  • (18:13) [Drinks and reactions]
  • (18:20) "So what’s next?"